According to Face (when pissed), these are the only songs you're allowed to listen to, all others are "shit" and "aren't going to change the world"!!!

(Ed: he's obviously a depressed git with anger issues)

(Ed: Face quit the drink 3 years ago after a P.I.L. gig so this blog is now inactive......although his musical tastes have not improved - might have to start a new blog then................)

Friday, 24 April 2009

The Only Music..........

Gary Jules - Mad World

Dana - All Kinds of Everything

Ween - The Blarney Stone

REM -It's the End of the World

The Pogues and The Dubliners - Irish Rover

Crass - Do they Owe us a Living?

The Dubliners - 7 Drunken Nights

Adam Ant - Beat My Guest

The Pogues and Kristy MacColl

Black Grape - Pretty Vacant

shaun ryder & black grape on tfi - pretty vacant

Conflict - The Serenade is Dead

Dolly Parton - Apple Jack

The Sex Pistols - God save the Queen

Dave Arthur & The Fureys - The Green Fields of France

Kylie Minogue & Nick Cave - Where the Wild Roses Grow

Jonny Cash - Hurt

Angelic Upstarts - Solidarity

Terry Hall & Sinead O'Connor - All kinds of Everything


  1. I remember when he fell to his knees, stared drunkenly at a kitchen corner like Blair Witch, before collapsing on the floor like a puddle, Applejack was playing at the time, it is one intense song.

  2. Wild Rover, and Blarney Stone are missing, also some Crass songs that say jesus in them

  3. Let us spare a moment to spare a thought for poor Face who is stranded away from home shouting "cunt" and "pervert" at complete strangers.